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Store Policies

Money Back Guarantee:

In the very unlikely event of a water landing, a mechanical problem with your Gaydar Gun, or you not liking your Gaydar Gun, we do offer a money back guarantee as long as returned materials are postmarked 30-Days or less from the date of purchase on your receipt.

Here’s how to get a refund. Notify us immediately via  and inform us of the problem or situation. In many instances we may be able to assist with troubleshooting a problem via email or the telephone. If a return or refund is necessary send us a copy of the purchase receipt and the original packaging from the Gaydar Gun, both are required. Please ship those items as well as the Gaydar Gun toy back to us at:

Gaydar Gun Co.
C/O Concord City Corp.
623 Doubleday Ave.
Ontario, CA 91761

The refund is for the purchase price of the Gaydar Gun and does not cover any shipping or handling expenses.

A refund cannot be issued  if the Gaydar Gun toy has been damaged by excessive trauma or if the electronics have been tampered with. (We do realize that damage can occur during shipment and we will make an exception for this case) Notify us immediately upon receipt of the product if you suspect damage due to shipping.

Please note: If you are having mechanical difficulties with your Gaydar Gun, double check the instructions to see that you are properly attempting to turn it on AND check that the batteries have been inserted correctly. If the Gaydar Gun is shutting off on its own, please check that the batteries are fully charged.

Gaydar Gun Toy's Intended Use:

Remember everyone, the Gaydar Gun is an adult toy and is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18. Also, please remember that this is a toy for entertainment purposes only. The Gaydar Gun does not actually detect whether someone is gay, straight or bisexual. (If it did we’d be charging a lot more money!) All responses are randomly generated and do not reflect the sexuality of anyone. So to summarize, IT’S NOT REAL, IT’S JUST A TOY! Now go OUT and play!


The Gaydar Gun toy is “Patent Pending”. All Oracles of Truth have been copyrighted. “Gaydar Gun” is a registered Trademark.

Gaydar Theme Song: music & lyrics by Terry Ray, arranged by John Boswell, produced by David Boswell and performed by Gwen Stewart. All rights reserved ASCAP; Center Square Publish Co.

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