Gaydar Gun & Gaydar (the movie)

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Gaydar GunTM  & Movie Combo

Why not enjoy your brand new Gaydar Gun while watching Gaydar (the DVD)? Plus you save an extra $5! How fun is that!?

With a whopping 
650+ sayings, this gun makes the perfect gift or party toy for any audience mature enough to handle its wisdom.

Movie Format:  DVD  WIDESCREEN (20 min)
Randy (Terry Ray) has a huge crush on hunky co-worker Jack (Days of Our Lives star Bryan Dattilo) and Randy is not alone. Everyone at the office seems to be infatuated with Jack, especially Randy's gal pal Frankalina (Jennifer Echols), but no one can quite figure out if Jack is straight or gay. At an impromptu yard sale by a scorned lover (Jim J. Bullock), Randy discovers a GAYDAR GUN - which could change everything. The legendary Charles Nelson Reilly co-stars as Uncle Vincent in his last on camera film role.

Original List Price:  $49. 99
Sale: $29. 99      FREE SHIPPING!!! (within the US)

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