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Just a little tidbit...

   Ever since the first caveman thought he caught his Neanderthal neighbor giving him a lingering look at the saber tooth tiger roast, mankind has been guessing about the sexuality of others.
Terry Ray and Jennifer Echols behind pole    Dead set on answering that burning question once and for all, filmmakers, Terry Ray (yes, he's painfully aware his name rhymes with "Fairy Gay") and Larry LaFond (calling him "La Fondue" is a "La Fon-DON'T"), created the multi-award winning short comedy, GAYDAR. (Their publicist insists on us using the phrase "multi-award winning" - we think it's pretentious, but whatever). Anyway, GAYDAR is about a Detection Device or GAYDAR GUN that can determine the level of gayness in a non-suspecting man, woman, or even pussy cat. No one is safe from its probing rays.
   Speaking of Rays, fast forward to Terry's brother, Bret Ray, a brainiac inventor responsible for converting the imaginary GAYDAR GUN of the film into the practically real device we are hawking on this website. Actually, now that Bret has finally unleashed the creative portions of his cerebral lobes, he basically comes up with a new invention every 45 minutes. Sure, it sounds exciting "on paper", but it gets old quick. Ultimately, we at Gaydar Gun Co. feel that putting up with Bret's giant brain is a small price to pay for such a handy device.


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